December 7, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The best DVD Player for your Windows 10 device

windows dvd players

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These days, streaming your movies seems like the normal thing to do, and the ISP and showbiz corporates want you doing just that as it serves their best interest. Entertainment content creators, video streaming platforms, and ISP are working in cahoots with one another like a cartel to tell you streaming is better that downloading for later offline viewing.

However, there are some instances when streaming makes the most sense; you want to watch a movie but have no time or means to go out and buy the DVD. Nonetheless, I am certain you still have hordes of DVD disks lying around your house, and you may have discovered the frustration in watching them on your Windows 10 PC.

Well, in Windows 10, Microsoft deprecated DVD playback feature in its Windows 10 Media Player. If you must use Microsoft’s product to play your DVD, then you will have to go to Windows Store and pay $15 to download the Windows DVD Player app.

Windows DVD Player

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If you are a die-hard Microsoft fan, then you can get the Windows DVD Play from the Windows …read more

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