October 2, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The Best iPhone X Color: Which Color of new iPhone You Should Buy

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Apple recently announced iPhone X. The phone will go on sale by the end of October. Many people are asking which is the best color in iPhone X they should buy. Well, I’d say the best decision comes by actually holding every iPhone X colored phone in your hand and putting it in light. Everyone has their color preferences. Apple is offering three colors in iPhone X. The best iPhone X color depends a lot of your preferences. We will take a look at every color and discuss their merits and flaws.

The Best iPhone X Color

Space Gray is an excellent color offered by Apple in iPhone X. Apple did the right thing by introducing Space Gray color. Most of the people don’t know what a space gray color is like. Here is a photo recently leaked on the internet, showing a space gray iPhone X.

Most of the iPhone lovers think that the best iPhone X color is silver. I personally would prefer silver only because it’s the closest color to the white, which is my favorite color.

If you choose silver colored iPhone X, there …read more

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