March 30, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

The Browser Keyboard Shortcuts You Should All Master

The Internet Browser Shortcuts That Should Be Common To All

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The Internet has become like the universe; nobody really knows where it starts and where it ends. Nowadays many desktop applications can run right on your browser. Take, for instance, Skype for Web.

Then there are a plethora of productive things you can do online, such as shopping, learning, catching up with family and friends among other things. So there is no reason little things like having to operate with a mouth should slow you down, even if it is just for half a minute.

The essential Browser Keyboard Shortcuts you must know

If you spend most of your time using the computer, then you probably know how fast using the mouse gets boring and tedious. The same goes to if you spend most of your time online, your browser becomes your gateway to the Internet, and knowing how to open and close that gate fast could save you time and spare your concentration for something else.

First and foremost, users on Windows can open the three most popular browsers by pressing the following keys on their keyboard ‘Windows Key + R’ and type the name of …read more

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