March 11, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

The Chinese are on to the next one; 6G Network trials

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As the world moves towards smart connected devices that can (and will be frequently) communicate to one another; Internet of Things (IoT). Connection speed will be very important. You are probably a millennial, and if you’re not you at least know how impatient these folks are and how the future generation will be. We are the microwave, instant coffee, ready to drink type of generation, and when it comes to our smart connected devices, we will need them to meet our needs with 6G Network types of speeds.

The days when someone used to sit for three minutes in front of a computer waiting for 3MB PNG picture to load are gone. These days we download 30MB of data in seconds and don’t bother to download movies anymore; we simply stream them. And you’re reading this thinking just how good have things become, right?

Well, what if I could tell you things could get a lot faster? No, I am not talking 5G Network kind of fast. I am talking about the next level in the connectivity speeds evolution. 6G Network type of speeds.

The Chinese Ministry of …read more

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