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The First Computer Programmer was a woman – Ada Lovelace | #WomensDay

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When you talk about computer programming in modern times, among the first things you will notice is that the women folks are largely underrepresented. That in itself is quite ironic, as women were the pioneer programmers for computers. Ada Lovelace (a woman), was the first person publish the first computer algorithm.

She wrote the algorithm for what was among the earliest forms of computer, the Analytical Engine by Charles Babbage. She is regarded as the first computer programmer for the work she did on this early computer.

Lovelace story began in the early 1800s when Edward Charles Pickering hired a group of women to work for him at Harvard. The women, known as Pickering’s harem at the time or the Harvard Computers, did clerical work that the men employees and scholars deemed too tedious. These women were also being paid a fraction of what a man doing the job were being paid. Sound all too familiar with today’s world’s employment remuneration between men and women for same work.

The first compiler for a programming language was built by Grace Hopper, one of the first programmers for the Mark …read more

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