June 19, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The Good, Bad, and Ugly sides to the new iOS 11

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At the last WWDC 2017 held on June 5, Apple unveiled a preview of its mobile operating system, the iOS 11. On the surface, iOS devices owners now just got more bragging rights over their Android devices owners.

The bragging rights is rightfully so, given the killer features that comes to your iPhones and iPad with the new operating system. However, there are some issues with the iOS 11 that still leaves a lot to be desired. Then again, there is always two sides to a story; the pros and the cons.

In this article, we are going to delve into the iOS 11 and weigh the pros versus the cons and see which side carries the day.

The Pros of iOS 11

Augmented Reality: iOS 11 is the first operating system by Apple to bring augmented reality to Apple-devices. Indeed when iOS 11 finally rolls out, with it, will be a new ARKit; a framework that will make it possible for developers to design virtual reality experience on the Apple devices.

Apple Pay: Because Cash is already on the brink of endangered species, Apple wants to wipe it completely …read more

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