August 25, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The GROHE shower toilet can be adjusted via a smartphone app


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Shower toilets are regarded as much more comfortable and hygienic than conventional toilets

The Romans relied on their fingers. Later, they soaked small sponges in salt water and tied them to a stick. In the Middle Ages, moss, leaves or old rags had to suffice, though wealthier folks were able to use sheep’s wool.

There is no doubt that the original “toilet paper” is a far cry from the hygiene product that we are all familiar with today, which will be acknowledged on the 26th of August with “International Toilet Paper Day”.

However, the culture of hygiene never solely relied on paper. It has long since reached the next level: “washing instead of wiping” is now the new motto for the most intimate area of personal care. This new way of thinking – prompted by the rising popularity of shower toilets – is changing the world.

Revolutionary toilet hygiene

While the idea of a toilet with a spray and an air-drying function (such as the Sensia Arena shower toilet from GROHE) ( might still seem a little strange to some cultures, in many other regions, namely Africa and …read more

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