August 12, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The guy who created ‘Strong Password’ requirements made a fatal mistake

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I get it; passwords are essential aspect of our digital assets. Still, that doesn’t make me hate passwords any less; I hate the delay one has to go through entering your password. Things get worse when it is a ‘Strong Password.’

You know, that type of password that requires you use a combination of lower case, upper case, some numbers, and arbitrary symbols to make your password strong. I bet I am not the only one who after creating a ‘strong password’ and access my account, I have completely forgotten whatever text strings I used in my password.

Thank God for applications like LastPass and OnePass that will automatically generate for you ‘strong password’ and go further to remember it for you every time you want to log into that account.

Too much hype about ‘Strong Password’ as they’re not as secure

This entire business of ‘Strong Password’ requirement began with one man, Bill Burr when he was working for the National Institute of Standard and Technology. Back in 2003, he was tasked with coming up with a password guideline that will protect the masses from brute force attack …read more

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