November 9, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The Medical Education system in Africa- change not continuity

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Africa is a continent which is filled with many young men and women, some of which have the aspirations and potential to pursue a career in the medical field. But there are some clear barriers preventing many young Africans from doing so, stemming back to the setup of medical education in Africa.

Africa is rife with major diseases and illnesses and is in desperate need of a vast amount of medical professionals and physicians to tackle the problem head-on. This, however, is simply just not achievable, with many of the flaws and barriers to the educational system preventing the medical educative system from producing home-grown professionals.

But there is perhaps a potential solution

With the advancement of technology in the modern age, has come the ability to deliver an online education to impoverished continents such as Africa, a process which could supplement the medical education setup in Africa.

The advent of e-learning, m-learning and distance education, in which an interactive course can be provided to young Africans via the Internet from universities and institutions around the world, maybe the answer to Africa’s medical …read more

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