April 30, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

The Most Viral Videos of 2018

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The Most Viral Videos of 2018

As heaps of videos are released daily, 2018 became a credible year for videos. We will scrutinize through the mess to find out which videos people have watched the most turning them viral. Below are some of the most viral videos of 2018 that you will surely revel in.

Learn Your Bucket Colors

This one of the most viral video of 2018 teaches colors to kids with ‘five little babies jumping on the bed’ rhyme as background music. Devious kids are wearing masks, dancing in colorful small buckets and then escaping into the woods. This educational video for kids has 116 million views.

Evie Clair on America’s Got Talent

A 14-year-old songwriter Evie Clair astonishes the crowd of America’s Got Talent as she sings Christina Perri’s “Arms”. She dedicated this song to her ill father who has been diagnosed with colon cancer at stage 4. Her heart touching words for her father were “Tonight, I’m here to sing for him. When my dad is having rough days, then I go to his room and sing him this song …read more

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