December 28, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

The must-have Apps for a typical Windows PC user

plex The must-have Apps for a typical Windows PC user

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Looking at Windows 10 in comparison to its predecessors, it is safe to say Microsoft has outdone itself in as far as creating built-in apps that come shipped with the OS. You will notice these days few elements of the Microsoft Office Suite; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are freely available albeit online. I think we can all thank Google Suite for that, as it is increasingly becoming a firce competitor given it also avails Docs, Sheets, and Presentation for free.

Be that as it may, if you have a new Windows PC – perhaps from a Christmas gift this holiday season – you will still have to turn to other third-party apps for more fun and productivity. That said, we have listed below some of the greatest apps for just that:


Plex comes in handy when you want to organize all the photo and video collection on your PC. It does a great job in organizing them for easier retrieval, recollection, and even deletion. Otherwise, you might end up with a case of duplicate files that only serve to eat into your local storage space.

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