December 28, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

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Chrome is a pretty awesome browser, but with extensions, it becomes that excellent browser that you will always find it hardest to substitute. Although there are some legitimate concerns about the browser’s respect to privacy, given it is powered by Google. A company that often accused of harvesting user information to construct ‘well-articulated’ targeted ads. But other than that, most people would agree, Google Chrome browser by far is the best browser of modern days.

Below we have listed a few must-have Google Chrome extensions; that will improve your browsing experience.

Chrome browser is a memory hog; if your system is running on anything less than 4GB of RAM. The slow performance will characterize your browsing experience, and the battery will drain faster if you are on a laptop. The Great Suspender extension will pause all the unused tabs after a given period, thus saving you both RAM and power while improving loading speed on your current tabs. You can install The Great Suspender from this link.

HTTPS Everywhere:

The Internet is as scary as it is good; you can find all sorts of angels and …read more

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