December 31, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The Odd Animals that made news around the world in 2017


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As we bid goodbye to 2017 and prepare to usher in 2018, it is only right to take a look back down the memory lane and see what stood out. Here is a list of amazing animals that did unique things, had unique things happened to them, or are unique in by themselves.

#1 – The White Giraffes

A pair of ghostly white giraffes were seen roaming the plains of Garissa County in the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in the eastern parts of Kenya. These giraffes were the very rare white giraffes. When a video footage of the wild animals made it online, it elicited a lot of interest internationally.

Founder of the Hirola Conservancy, Abdullahi H. Ali was enthusiastic when he pointed out that this footage was the first video of the white giraffes. The giraffe’s pale cottage is the result of a genetic condition referred to as leucism, which prevents the formation of the normal skin cells pigmentation.

#2 – Britain’s Hero Dog awarded a medal

Mali, the dog, played a crucial role in sniffing out the booby traps and militants of …read more

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