September 27, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

The robotics startup Enova from Tunisia secures $1.6m funding

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Enova Robotics, a startup dealing with the development of robot-powered security solutions has successfully raised $1.6 million funding round. These funds will go towards branching out the startup and spreading its reach into the French market, as well as developing its overall capacities.

The startup was founded in 2014 and specializes in the design and manufacture of mobile robots. They first hit the international limelight in 2015 when they developed the first security robot in the world for civilian use. The bot was named ‘Pearl Guard.’

Pear Guard is essentially a patrolling security guard capable of detecting any intruders into the premises and send out alerts to the security enforcement agency. The bot also allows human security officers to man a premise remotely. It is armed with a blinding flash to slow down any would-be intruder while giving enough time to human security officers to reach the ground where there has been a security breach. Enova Robotics again hit the international limelight in 2017 when they launched a telepresence robot, the eTouchbot.

Enova Robotics $1.6 million funding

The startup has secured $1.6 million in funding from …read more

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