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The Rolex, Not Watch

The Rolex, Not Watch

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In the early morning or evening hours on the streets of any town in

On our journey to taste everything Uganda has to offer, Jovago found this decadent edible cousin of a certain very well priced watch and we just had to share.

The rolex derives its name from the way it is prepared, it is basically an omelet filled with several ingredients and rolled within a chapatti. Going with the quick recipe from the roadside “chapatti guy” most of the will make one according to what you ask for from what is available.

The common rolex recipe includes; two eggs, a chapatti, a handful of shredded cabbage, tomatoes and onions. The chapatti is already cooked so when you make the order, you can ask for the tomatoes and onions to be added raw or fried with the eggs. The eggs are beat and fried on a hot pan, the chapatti is added on top of the eggs after a minute of cooking. This combo will cost you 1500/- and if you ask for more you get to add another 500/-.

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