August 20, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

The Story of Babytree, One of The Biggest Online Parenting Platforms

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Babytree is a China-based startup and an online family platform which aims for child care. Its headquarter is in Beijing, China. It has planned to make an offline community for child care by opening many offline community play centers. It is a maternity and infant website which was introduced in 2007. On August 2007, Babytree was listed by CNN as one of the “Ten Most Striking Business Models.” Babytree’s objective is to help the young and growing families in achieving a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on problems such as the imbalance between consumption and supply of medical resources or an imbalance between supply and demand of education resources. Moreover, Babytree has started developing into a new business of early childhood education and C2M.

The founder and CEO of Babytree is Mr. Allen Wang, who developed this website after leaving Google. His driving force was to create solutions to human problems. Obviously, it was an uncertain career option for a former Google executive. Although he was a father, he had no background or connection in the parenting field. But today, his choice doesn’t sound bad at …read more

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