December 16, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

The Top 10 Best IT Skills With Highest Job Market Demand For 2016

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As we wrap up 2015, we have come across the most authoritative listings of the best IT skills that will have the highest job market demand in 2016. This list has been created by the freelance and contract online workplace Upwork, IT staffing and consulting firm Mondo and the education and training company Cybrary. The three companies arrived at this list based on the number of demand from their clients looking to hire IT experts for various tasks.

Top 10 Best IT Skills for 2016

UI/UX Designers/Developers

Whether a Software Company’s offering is an enterprise software, a video game or a shopping platform, consumers appreciate experiences that are quick, seamless and easy to use. For these reasons, companies are on the hunt for IT experts skilled in User Interface (UX/UI) designs, and the job market demand for such individuals is going to be even higher in 2016.

Anthony Gilbert, a technical recruiter at the IT staffing firm Mondo, says that the demand for UI/UX designers is going to be even higher come 2016.

Design can be a competitive advantage. If you’ve got a company that has great …read more

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