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The Top Hashtags About Africa That Trended On Twitter In 2015

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Social media has scaled up the height to which cyberbullying, and trolling can go. If you have ever been unlucky enough to find yourself on the receiving end of social media cruelty, then you probably know just how loathsome social media can get.

You only need to ask the 90-year-old Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe. A video of Mugabe falling down the stairs made rounds on social media in early February 2015. Then people on Twitters started getting overly creative with pictures of Mugabe falling.

Despite the fact, Mugabe’s security attempted to suppress the images of the Zimbabwe’s President falling. Apparently, the security detail tried to force the photographers at the scene to delete pictures taken, but somehow the pictures found their way online and onto Twitter-sphere where all sorts of meme were created and shared under the hashtag #MugabeFalls. I mean Mugabe was in a Beyoncé video, he was riding waves, running away from a hippopotamus and even on the Dancing with the Stars video.

My fave #MugabeFalls #MugabeMeme (so far) pic.twitter.com/5kmIFRdbVD

— Ian Bredenkamp (@IanBredenkamp) February 5, 2015

Mugabe impresses the …read more

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