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The Top Six Amazing Waterfalls In Uganda

The Top Six Amazing Waterfalls In Uganda

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If you want to come up close and personal with nature, then Uganda has some of the fascinating landscape and scenery you can find in the world. A trip to Uganda is never disappoint in as far as fun, amazement and excitement goes; the country offers you different wildlife and landscape tours that make a memorable vacation.

Online hotel booking site has shared with Innov8tiv, the top six amazing waterfalls you can find in Uganda. There are very few sounds in the world that are as soothing as the sound of a waterfall, and Uganda has the following picturesque waterfall for a perfect kumbayah moment.

The best six waterfalls in Uganda

Sipi Falls

Probably the most amazing fall views in Uganda, Sipi falls are located on the northern and western sides of the Mount Elgon in, Eastern Uganda in a scattered series of beautiful cascading structures scattered distances all over the mountain with each view more extraordinary than the other.

Sipi is divided into several falls with the; 5o metres high/ 7 metres wide simu & sisi falls in Soronko with the Ngasire and the Simba plunging several 87 meters …read more

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