April 13, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

The U.S.’s regulator FCC gives greenlight for Terahertz wireless data

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Internet is great, it collapses the entire world into a global village. A click on a button and you’re in a store in Amsterdam, another click, you are in Kinshasa. The average internet user is probably using either 3G or 4G connectivity. A short list of users is on the 5G network.

But all these are just millimeter waves wireless technology. The U.S. telecommunication regulator, the FCC, has created an experimental licenses wireless technology ranging from 95GHz to 3THz.

That is the limits of usable wireless technology; the Spectrum Horizons. The licenses allow companies to experiment with these ultra-high frequencies for as long as a decade. The companies can even sell real-world solutions, those of which they discovered while still in the test phase.

The FCC has effectively set aside the 21.2GHz spectrum to be shared on unlicensed devices. These airwaves also minimizes chances of interference with the conventional spectrum already in use for governmental and scientific bodies.

Though they might lead to an extremely fast wireless network. One that will be better poised to support advanced imaging and very fine-grained sensors among other things. But don’t expect to …read more

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