December 4, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

These beautiful Furniture are made out of Mushrooms

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Yes, the headline you read is correct; furniture made out of mushrooms. As that sinks in, did you know that mushrooms can be used to make leather?

Now back to the mushroom furniture; a fungus made furniture to be precise. Looking at the beautiful accent table and the white stool in our cover image, you would think it was crafted out of wood or marble. Well, it was not! It was made out of a mushroom, but the furniture is sturdy enough to support human weight. The furniture is made out of the mycelium ‘roots’ of mushrooms that up to now, were widely considered to be agriculture waste.

How the Furniture are made out of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are made up of microscopic thread-like tissue known as mycelium. This mycelium is used to make the legs of the table and the base of the stool. How does that happen?

Well, mycelium naturally latches onto a surface to support the mushrooms to grow and form colonies. With the right manipulation and innovativeness, the growth of the mycelium can be coaxed to shape around a woodchip, scaffolding or hemp fiber. As …read more

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