March 18, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

These Psychological Tricks Will Help You Succeed in Your Interview

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Interviewing is a stressful process. Everyone has to face it if they want to work or have a job. You cannot just go in an interview and vomit it all out. There are specific psychological tricks using which you can leave an excellent impression and ensure your job. Here are some of them.

Try to Schedule your interview on Tuesday Morning

Don’t be surprised. This trick is backed by data. According to employment research firm Glassdoor, the best time for an interview is when the employer is relaxed. Monday isn’t a great time due to Monday blues and stress. Most people are relaxed on Tuesday. As the week progresses, the stress tends to increase. So if the HR gives you any flexibility, try to pounce on the Tuesday slot, that too in the morning around 10 AM- 10.30 AM. Thank me later.

Don’t appear in Interview at the end of the day

This is pretty understandable. If the manager stumbles upon some excellent candidates before you, his bar is set too high. This could create problems for you. If you have an insight to some data, try to schedule …read more

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