April 11, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

These Solar Cells Can Generate Electricity From Raindrops

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Yes, I know the title looks like a juxtaposition; I mean we all know rain to be the sworn enemy of solar cells especially when they’re required to generate current. Nonetheless, here it comes:

A team of Chinese scientists have come up with an innovative way to make solar cells’ sworn enemy an ally to their cause. These researchers have created a solar cell with atom-thick graphene layer. This layer is said can harvest energy from raindrops, making the production of electricity possible even in the rainy days.

Now, the geeky explanation is that water tends to stick on graphene and creates something like a natural capacitor if you will. The graphene’s electrons have a sharp energy difference between them, so much so that the water’s ions generate current and voila; we beget electricity!

However, this is still a prototype (at beta stage), and the technology is not yet as efficient as to be a commercially viable project. It converts about 6.5% of the energy that it gets, a rate that is a far cry from the 22% energy conversion rate we get with the mainstream …read more

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