July 25, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

This Google Map Shows Locations of All Hidden Pokemons Near You

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Pokemon Go has garnered massive attention than any other mobile or console game in 2016. People are passionately playing and talking about this game since its launch. This had led to many new discoveries. As we all know, the best and addictive feature of Pokemon Go is about finding and discovering new creatures. You get to find and discover new Pokemons and other creatures hidden in different places around your area. But huge traffic broke down Pokemon’s nearby feature, practically killing the discovery aspect of the game. Moreover, a Reddit thread has surfaced where developers play with Pokemon Code to break-in the game and find new hacks and tricks. Luckily, one such trick has found a way to know all the locations of hidden Pokemons. This trick was made by getting raw data from the Pokemon game and then mapping all the “pokestops” and gyms where these creatures mostly hide.

A programmer named Ahmed Almutawa imbibed all the locations from the code and mapped them onto Google Maps so that people get the complete picture about where to go to find Pokemons. He shared his code …read more

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