January 14, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Three most Affordable Linux Laptops is you’re on a shoe-string budget

Linux Laptops

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A lot of people associate Linux computers with being cheap. While that is partly true, don’t make the mistake of thinking they are cheap because they are not that good. There are some Linux distros out there tailor-made to suit the need of power users, in ways not even Windows or macOS computers can achieve. Nonetheless, a Linux laptop will cost you less than one that comes with Windows or macOS out of the box.

Just how much cheaper can it get?

If you are tied down with a shoe-string budget, here are some option of really affordable Linux laptop that ought to work within your budget.

Before we jump into those laptops, let us get one misconception out of the way. You can install these Linux distros on just about any computer. However, dedicated machines come with complete set of drivers. If you install a Linux distro on your typical computer, some hardware may fail to work, until you download and install the right Linux version of the drivers. Sometimes, that can be harder than it sounds when dealing with Linux.

The following machines are dedicated to the …read more

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