July 6, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

To Dual-Boot or not to Dual-Boot? Windows + Linux: Pros and Cons

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The choice of your computer operating system (OS) is critical. As the OS is the lifeblood of your work or gaming rig and will determine what kind of software you will be running and using to interact with the hardware you want to use. The biggest concern when it comes to software is compatibility; does your OS work well with that productivity tool software you use for work or that video game you want to waste bad guys on? Dual boot presents the best solution as it tends to give you more options on the same computer.

For most people, dual boot option is between Windows vs. Linux, or macOS vs. Linux. In rare cases you find users having to choose between Windows vs. macOS, since running a Hackintosh comes with its more than fair share of complication. You will have to find a way around Apple’s proprietary OS, given they don’t license it to run on any other machine other than Apple computers.

Now, back to the Windows vs. Linux or macOS vs. Linux option

Dual booting is essentially having two operating systems side-by-side during the boot …read more

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