February 19, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

To the Sisters ‘Black Women,’ it is okay to seek Mental Health care

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There was a research conducted by psychologists who were investigating the state of mental health for black women professionals, who compared to other demographics get the least support.

The research established that black women, the majority of whom are carrying the yoke of ‘double minority status’ are secretly battling mental health issues in silence. This demographic often has to deal with issues like lower income, poor health, and multiple role strains. They are fighting the ‘double minority status’ of race and gender in America.

According to a recently published study by the American Psychiatric Association:

Of the black Americans in need of mental health care, just ⅓ do get the services.

The lack of culturally competent counselors in mental health care deters most black Americans from seeking services.

When they finally decide to seek mental health care, the physician-patient communication for African Americans differs from what whites get. The physicians are 23% more verbally dominant and engaged in 33% less patient-centered communications with black patients that they are with white patients.

Industry experts in professional psychology agree that black women are not seeking help for the stress, anxiety, and general mental …read more

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