June 20, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Top 5 Home Automation & Security Systems You Should Not Miss This Year

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There’s no doubt that home automation is the future for us all, but right now it’s only a select few tech geeks and automation enthusiasts that are embracing this (often expensive) technology. The world is, however, moving on, we’re becoming greener and our tech is getting so much smarter.

The good news is that home automation and security systems are getting more affordable and more powerful all the time. In 2017 these gadgets have matured to the point where they become easy recommendations. In fact, there are so many good products that it can be hard to decide which are worth looking at.

That’s why I’ve chosen five stand-out choices for your consideration. The best and most interesting home automation and security systems on the market right now!

Logitech Logi Circle

It’s surprising how few truly great smart IP cameras there are on the market. The best you can usually hope for is a camera that doesn’t bombard you with false alarms. If you’ve been frustrated with dumb IP cameras that don’t integrate into your smart home then this Logi Circle should be your first stop.

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