April 16, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Top Google Drive Tips to make you a G-Doc Master

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Do you remember Writely? A word processor that ran only on browsers thanks to the AJAX technology, and managed to knock the socks off Google that the search engine giant had to acquire it and changed it to what we now know as Google Drive.

Well, the one thing Writely was unable to do, was to get people in masses to trust their documents to be safe online. Something Google seems to have entirely managed to do with its Google Drive suite (initially known as just Google Docs). The search engine’s cloud computing offering included Sheets (spreadsheet), Slides (presentations), Google Docs (a grown up version of Writely), drawings, and forms.

Be that as it may, the following are tips about Google Drive, power users have come to know and leverage on:

1) Collaboration is the essence of Google Drive: It does not matter whether one is on a computer, tablets, or a smartphone. You and your team can work on one document at a time (a maximum 50 people simultaneously). You can keep tabs on what your teammates have been doing by viewing the revision history under File …read more

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