October 31, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Top Seven Tips for Ladies Travelling Solo

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Despite the fact that the world has come a long way in both gender equity; ladies travelling unaccompanied still attract a higher risk of attacks and harassment than the brothers. However, most of these unwelcome and at times unfortunate situations can be handled superbly by adopting a few habits and guidelines. Listed down by Trip Advisors at Jovago.com, an online travelling company are a number of tips to ensure the girls get back home safe and sound.

Understand your Destination

Ahead of your journey, do all the research you can on the destination as well as your preferred accommodation. This includes getting a grip on the map and location, as well as studying the general habits of the residents to give you a feel of the stay ahead. Apart from this, it’s necessary to learn a few basic phrases of the local language such as the common greetings, courtesy words and useful landmarks. Also, take note of the available ATM points and remember to check with your bank on the extent of their operations.

Pack the Needful

Once you have a fair grip on your destination, it’s …read more

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