July 17, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Top Six Tips to Consider When Choosing a Hotel for Family Holiday

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Once the kids kick in, your travel plans will definitely change. From your choice of holiday destination to the location and type of accommodation and the demographics of the guest pool; the must haves and must dos by and large shift from you to the little ones. The hottest club in town suddenly takes a back burner while having the glam in spotting the funkiest carry-on on the trek simply sounds laughable. See below a few tips by the team at travel.jumia.com to guide you on a seamless family holiday fun.

#1 Teens, toddlers and trailers

What age are you looking at? Remember having a toddler on holiday is very different from going out with an infant who may prefer to cuddle on your arms as opposed to crawling around. Similarly, teenagers may not find any fun in spending afternoons reading books around the swimming pool nor will bonfire dinners trapped between adults tickle their fancy. Before settling on any hotel, list down favorite activities for respective family members and match them against what’s available at the hotel. Also, find out what facilities will allow for …read more

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