July 5, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Training Locusts To Sniff Out Bombs and Replace the Costly Robots

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As far as detecting possible bomb threats with zero human casualties, the authorities have had to rely on robots that are maneuvered remotely to the scene. If they find a bomb, sometimes things do not go as planned and they end up setting the bomb off.

That leaves no human casualties, but these robots are not cheap to come by. The more robots get blown up in a mission to detonate bombs, the higher the cost of operations for the authorities. Well, there could soon be a solution to that in the form of flying locusts.

Maybe this act could be something animal rights activists’ will have a problem with. Nonetheless, a team of engineers from the Washington University in St. Louis are working on turning the locusts into cyborgs that can sniff out bombs. The research is being bankrolled by the United States’ Navy, which is reported to have given the researchers $750,000 three-year grant through the Office of Naval Research.

The researchers have been studying locusts for years, with a special interest in their sense of smell. The team leader, Baranidharan Raman argues, locusts will be …read more

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