October 30, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Twisted Light wireless data transmission is faster than Fiber Optic lines

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During the early years of the commercial rollout of fiber optic cables around the world, consumers were enthusiastic about the prospects of fastest internet connection speeds in history. However, that enthusiasm slowly but steadily starting to die out, as the reality hit, that rolling out of fiber optic lines is a cumbersome and expensive undertaking.

The biggest problem with fiber optic connection is that you still have to transmit the data over wires. Laying down this wired infrastructure has more challenges as it is slow and expensive to reach everyone compared to a wireless data transmission mechanism. For that reason, roll out of fiber optic remains a slow process and only available to densely populated locations near areas close with other supporting social amenities and infrastructures such as power and security.

What if we could do away with these Fiber Optic lines?

Given the hamstring limitations facing rollout of fiber optic (wired) lines network, scientists are currently working on a wireless alternative to high-speed data transmission. A particular group of scientists has resolved to turn to twisted lights that are not only faster than fiber optic but can …read more

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