June 14, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Uganda lawmakers to pass a law to Cap Rental Fees charged by Landlords

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The Government of Uganda is said to be finalizing the process of passing a bill that will put restraints on just how much rent landlords can charge. The lawmakers are particularly eyeing to protect traders from exorbitant rental fees on business premises that lead to high operating costs.

This revelation by Minister for Kampala Affairs Beti Olive Kamya comes hot on the heels of an uproar by traders protesting the soaring rental charges. The traders say landlords are getting the habit of arbitrary raising the rents with little to no concern about the occupants’ complaints.

Should the law be passed, landlords will have some legally outlined limits on the rental fee charged for their premises. That will also end the haggling between the traders (occupants) and the landlords, who are often locked in protracted battles over arbitrary rental increments.

During a meeting with the city traders in Kampala, Ms. Kamya said the government is already working on how to end the rent battles between them and the landlords. Already a bill to control rent is before the Cabinet, and it will soon be sent to Parliament for further …read more

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