July 22, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

VC4A research proves founder teams are key to startup success in Africa

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Data from VC4A’s new ‘2017 Venture Finance in Africa’ research proves that a strong team of founders is the key driver of startup success in Africa.

In this year’s study VC4A aims to better understand the critical success factors for African startups and identify the key ingredients that determine why one venture outperforms its peers. These learnings are useful for both the entrepreneurs and for the support systems they depend on to make well-informed decisions.

The 2017 release is based on data collected from 1866 ventures from 41 African countries and 111 Africa-focused investors from 39 countries around the world.

“We are truly entering a new stage of startup growth on the continent. Not only has the number of startups continued to grow at an impressive rate, they are increasingly successful at scaling into sustainable enterprises well-positioned for growth. With the right team in place, we are seeing a growing number of companies break rank. I’m sure we will witness many new success stories hitting the headlines as a result” Ben White, CEO VC4A

Key outcomes

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