April 1, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Waze Now Has A Worthy Competitor, INRIX

Waze Now Has A Worthy Competitor, INRIX

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On the surface, it might seem odd just how dependent you have become on GPS navigation systems. Even on roads that you use two times a day, five times a week, and year in year out. One would wonder if these GPS systems were to go down, will we drive off a cliff because there is robo-voice (or Morgan Freeman voice) to tell you, “in 300 meters turn left, in 70 meters take a right.”

Well, am sure most of you don’t use GPS navigation while driving on roads you’ve used thousands of times before for the purpose of getting direction. If you do, then there is probably something wrong with you. I am certain you use these GPS navigation systems for the purpose of getting traffic updates or alerts on roadworks and hazards up ahead.

Yes, when you are driving on unfamiliar roads you should depend navigation apps for directions, but that hardly ever comes up that often for most of us. Which is why navigation apps like Waze have grown to become such a hit; this one in particular puts up crowdsourced traffic …read more

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