December 11, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

What Does Your President Do On Independence Day? Tanzania’s Sweeps The Streets

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Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli does not mind getting his hand dirty doing un-President-like jobs like sweeping the streets clean. Tanzania celebrated its Independence Day on Wednesday, December 8 but unlike previous celebrations or festivals held in other countries. President Magufuli canceled the flamboyant State Bodies celebrations and instead ordered a national clean-up day.

Instead of using a lot of government money on Independence Day Celebration, Magufuli redirected that money to be used up in hospitals and fight against cholera. A move seeking to address rising concern among Tanzania’s poor neighborhoods where there are no proper toilets or sewage systems in place.

When Independence Day arrived, Magufuli proved that he just don’t talk the talk, but also walks the talk. He came out of his lavish State House and started collecting rubbish off the streets.

People in the streets including fishermen joined their President in an unprecedented occasion where social ranks were forgotten. President and commoners alike were sweeping the streets, clearing the drainage, shoveling leaves and plastic bags off the streets.

The smiling Magufuli said, “Let us work together to keep our country, cities, homes and workplaces clean, …read more

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