November 22, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

What Lies Ahead? Security Predictions for 2017

What Lies Ahead? Security Predictions for 2017

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Rick Rogers, Area Manager for East and West Africa at Check Point Software Technologies gives their security predictions for the coming year

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future,” as Nils Bohr, the Nobel laureate physicist put it. But as the end of 2016 approaches, it’s useful to look forward and try to anticipate the cybersecurity trends that lie ahead; and to reflect on what’s happened over the past year, to see how accurate previous predictions were. For 2016, our predicted security threats were:

The emergence of sophisticated and custom-designed malware designed to get past organizations’ defences. Attackers are using bespoke variants of existing malware, which can bypass traditional antivirus and sandboxing tools – our 2016 Security Report revealed that 971 unknown malware variants were downloaded to enterprise networks every hour.

Mobile attacks – we predicted these to increase as mobile devices became more commonplace in the workplace, offering hackers direct and potentially lucrative access to personal and corporate data. This too was borne out – we saw major vulnerabilities like Quadrooter emerge and new zero day threats discovered, as well as ongoing …read more

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