April 6, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

WhatsApp Launches Encryption For Over A Billion People Worldwide

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It has been a long-standing feud between the FBI and Apple over a U.S. federal order to unlock an iPhone owned by a mass shooter. Apple flatly refused to comply with the order, sparking a huge debate over privacy and security.

WhatsApp the popular messaging app owned by Facebook delved into the privacy over security debate by encrypting communications for about a billion people worldwide. The action by the company essentially says they value user privacy over any security measures the government may have in mind.

WhatsApp currently has about a billion people worldwide who use the app to make calls, trade messages, photos, and videos. WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption to every form of communications users might make on the messaging app.

Thus, going forward, users using the latest version of the app, be they be two users or a group of users, all of their communications are encrypted. The encryption is available for all WhatsApp app on all platforms be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone to even Symbian operating systems.

As a user, this encryption means that only you and the person on the other end have access …read more

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