September 2, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Why do most Cars have a USB Port that charges devices so slow?

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Most of the things we need these days can be done on our smartphones. You need a calendar, radio, TV, calculator, a phone, a scanner, a typewriter and so on. However, there is one thing our phone has not yet been able to do; move us from point A to point B. Though I suppose when they will be able to do that, it will be as cool as teleporting we see in sci-fi movies.

Currently, the second most important thing after our phone is our cars. Well, public transport if you don’t own a car, but still you get the point, we need a means of locomotion from Point A to Point B. While commuting from Point A to B, our phone plays another crucial role, giving us direction via Map apps and keeping us connected safely to everyone else outside our car. It does that either through Bluetooth audio streaming during phone calls or video chat.

Although most modern cars do come with USB port built-in; often near the center console or the dashboard. Experience has taught us that you can’t really rely on them …read more

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