November 28, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Why download Apps and clog up your phone, when you can just Stream Apps?

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The first few weeks of using a new smartphone, you get a fast device able to open/close and switch between apps swiftly. However, soon as you start installing multiple apps while uninstalling some, things start getting slow, and your phone keeps freezing albeit occasionally.

The fact is, installing apps on your smartphone leads to a clogged up, slow, and freezing device. While there are various workarounds this problem such as ditching installing native apps for the hybrid web apps. Having an app that completely runs online would go further in unclogging your phone.

Glu Mobile Inc., a game developer, is currently working on enabling future games stream to user devices and played without having first to download. As it works out, apps will be streamed from a link sent via SMS, email, or message on social media.

More revenues to Developers by streaming apps compared to downloads

Stats by ComScore Inc show that 50% of users do not download any app in any given month; and on average, the typical user downloads just two apps. As developers (devs) with blockbuster apps, what is standing between you and …read more

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