April 19, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Why Mobile Security Is So Vital

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It’s no big secret that mobile security is an increasingly important part of everyday life. After all, there are reasons why Apple implemented a fingerprint-based ID scanning system a few years ago, and why pretty much every new smartphone advertises a security perk when hitting the market. There’s a reason people across the country are tuned in to Apple’s defiance of the FBI over a smartphone security issue, which for a few days at least seemed to be bigger news than the constantly covered presidential election.

Simply put, we carry a significant portion of our lives on our mobile devices. Photos, personal notes, passwords, automated access to websites and accounts, and even financial information—these are things many of us keep on our devices, relying only on security codes, fingerprints and the devices themselves to keep it all safe. This is pretty much how things are now. Slowly but surely, however, it’s actually becoming even more important for us to secure these devices as much as possible.

In part, this is simply because hackers are growing more sophisticated, and more accustomed to modern mobile device security. Even three …read more

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