November 7, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Windows 10 Mobile running on Android Devices’ Hardware

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On the desktop space, Microsoft is a mighty big company. On the mobile space, however, it one of the smallest company. With regards to the market share. Rival companies like Google and Apple have a firm grip on the market, with the former’s Android OS running on the largest mobile devices market share.

While Apple’s iOS devices hold the high-end consumer market and Android being spread out from low, middle, and high-end consumer market. Windows 10 Mobile is struggling to find break into the market.

Microsoft has hatched a new plan that just may see Windows 10 Mobile break through and start getting traction in the market. A new development now lets Windows 10 Mobile OS running directly on Android devices’ hardware.

This development means OEMs will not have to spend huge sums of money on producing bespoke hardware for the not so popular OS. Instead, the very same hardware for Android (which they are producing in plenty) can, with few tweaks, be used to run Windows 10 Mobile OS.

This approach will hopefully, for Microsoft, be the break they have been waiting on for its Windows 10 Mobile. …read more

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