December 12, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Windows 10 Skype Translator now works on Skype Calls to Mobile and Landlines

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Skype Translator has been especially helpful to the businesses community dealing in international trade. The downside to globalization and international trade is the communication barrier when doing business with folks who do not speak your language or they understand just the basic.

However, with Skype, you have little to worry about. Especially if you are speaking one or more of the following languages: English, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Russian, and Arabic. The Sky Translator can automatically convert one of these languages to the other.

Microsoft recently announced another milestone achievement with the Sky Translator that users are going to find even more useful. Skype Translator now works on Skype calls made to mobile and landlines. Previously it was only available to Skype calls made from one computer to another.

This new development means users can now call just about anyone via Skype, the other person receiver’s language notwithstanding. Previously the translator only worked when both the caller and receiver were online on Skype at the same time. The addition of Skype Translator on Skype calls to mobile and landlines means, the caller now does not …read more

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