March 13, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Xbox One to get an update to switch your TV to Game Mode automatically

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Image lag, this is a pain gamers who use the standard TV to play their gaming console know all too well. By default, modern TV does image processing for crisp-clear images you see on the screen. However, this image processing works to your disadvantage when you are playing video games, as it leads to image lag.

To counter this problem, modern TVs come with game mode, which disables the image processing for smooth display of images with no lags when playing video games. However, you have to turn the TV from the standard viewing mode to game mode. It sounds pretty easy, but what if you use your console as a media streaming device?

One minute you are playing your video games, and the next couple of minutes you get bored and want to stream something on Netflix. Does it then mean you will keep changing your TV setting from game mode to standard mode and then back and forth as you switch between gaming and watching?

Well, yes! That is the frustration gamers have been dealing with all along. Perhaps that will soon stop if Microsoft pulls …read more

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