December 18, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

You Can Now Download Microsoft Cortana for Android and iPhone

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Microsoft for the first time featured a voice assistant in Windows 10. This voice assistant called Cortana is quite an excellent addition to the already available top of the line voice assistants like Siri and Google Voice offered by Apple and Google respectively. Cortana is default feature of Windows 10 and is proving to be quite a smart and fast voice enabled assistant.

After a healthy reception of Cortana with Windows 10, Microsoft decided to launch Cortana Apps for the Google Play and Apple Play Store to target the huge market of smartphone users of both these platforms. The app has now been launched on these stores after a beta testing with selected users. The launch of Cortana app is certainly going to get a lot of gains for the Microsoft and Windows 10 in the smartphone market. With this app’s launch, Microsoft aims to effectively bridge the gap between smartphone and Windows powered computers. The app will give you seamless connectivity across the platforms and would allow you to set up reminders about meetings, calendar entries on any device and then be able to …read more

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