March 21, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

You could soon Share Battery Power with your friends via NFC

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Picture yourself out there doing field work with your colleague when all of a sudden you get that disappointing battery-low warning tone from your smartphone. But you need not worry as your colleague has an almost full battery on their smartphone. By just swiping your phone to theirs, your device gets recharged, with battery charge from charged phone being shared with one that is low power.

That is the future Sony has envisioned and is working hard to make a reality in the future. The company has earned a patent, for a new technology that will allow consumers devices such as smartphones to transfer battery power between each other.

This feature will leverage on Near-Field Communication (NFC), which is currently being used to facilitate contactless payments and enabling smartphones to communicate with nearby devices. Sony wants to use NFC to allow, say, a smartphone with a low battery to suck up power from another with more battery power. In essence, smartphones could start sharing battery power wirelessly.

In part, the Sony patent reads: “It can be beneficial in many instances to allow consumer electronic devices to …read more

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