December 22, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Your Social Media Activities Could Bar You From US Visa Applications

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It might be time you became a lot more careful about your activities on social media. Already, in some countries, some companies ran a background check on their prospective employees’ social media activities before hiring. Should they find any post that raises the alarm, it might be enough to deny you the job.

The Wall Street Journal writes that the US Department of Homeland Security has embarked on setting up security protocols in place to examine US Visa applicants’ social media activities. That is to say, as part of the vetting process to ‘Grant’ or ‘Deny’ US Visa, their Facebook, Twitter and other social media activities will be reviewed and have a weighed on the decision to be made.

These security measures come against a backdrop of the recent San Bernardino shootings. One of the shooters had earlier expressed support for Muslim extremism even before she applied for the US Visa. Had the immigration office ran a simple background check on her social media activities, she probably would not have been granted the Visa and entered the US in the first place.

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